Global NSW positions Sydney and New South Wales as Australia’s global hub, showcasing our vibrant places, people and industry.

A government-wide initiative to support trade, investment and innovation, Global NSW aims to drive economic growth and build prosperity across NSW cities and the regions.

The work of Global NSW is underpinned by three key pillars:


Taking the best of NSW to the world and bringing the best of the world to NSW. We are focused on growing international trade and investment while attracting world-class industry capability. Participation in the global innovation economy is critical to our future economic success.


Building on our strengths to grow world-leading industries and creating the conditions for innovation to flourish. Technology innovations and global inter-connectedness are increasing, leading to the rapid creation of new industries and disruption of traditional ones.


Global NSW will foster innovation and collaboration, in part through the creation of vibrant places for business. These places are huge drivers of competitive advantage in key industries.