In an age of disruption, enhanced digital capabilities in areas such as e-commerce are a key enabler for NSW SMEs. Investment NSW is offering educational resources, training, and expert advice for NSW businesses to build the capabilities and confidence to accelerate your export growth via e-commerce.

See modules listed below and select one or more. This support is free of charge to NSW businesses.

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eCommerce Market Entry How-to Guides

The following market entry guides will assist NSW exporters evaluate high-potential e-commerce markets, understand the available platforms and tools and learn what steps are necessary to succeed.

Access the guides via the links below:

  1. China (PDF 33MB)
  2. Indonesia (PDF 1.65MB)
  3. Japan (PDF 5.15MB)
  4. Malaysia (PDF 1.23MB)
  5. Republic of Korea (PDF 4MB)
  6. Singapore (PDF 2MB)
  7. United Arab Emirates (1.4MB)
  8. United Kingdom (7.4MB)
  9. United States of America (10.5MB)
  10. Vietnam (PDF 5.7MB)

eCommerce Market Entry Webinars for United Kingdom and United States

To promote the publication of the new e-commerce market entry guides for the UK and USA, webinars led by experts who live and work inside these markets will be provided free of charge to NSW-based businesses.

Topics include: Online Consumer Trends; Product Pricing; Protecting your Intellectual Property; Compliance with US & UK regulatory frameworks; Engaging with US & UK Supply Chains.

Target audience: NSW businesses with up to 200 full-time employees.

United Kingdom e-Commerce Webinar

Tue 24th August (part A) and Tues 31st August (part B); both at 4-5pm

United States e-Commerce Webinar:

Option 1: Tues 10th August (part A) and Tues 17th August (part B); both at 10-11am
Option 2: Wed 8th September (part A) and Wed 15th September (part B); both at 10-11am

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