Exports with a global reputation for excellence

High-quality goods and services from New South Wales are sought-after globally, with exports generating $95 billion in revenue during 2019-20, equivalent to 15 per cent of the total state economy.

The NSW Government is committed to helping more businesses tackle global markets, including Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and is actively promoting the State in key markets internationally.

Free Trade Agreements

NSW businesses benefit from 15 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between Australia and markets across Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.

FTAs reduce or eliminate barriers to trade and investment, allowing NSW companies to compete on a level playing field.

A further eight FTAs with markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle are currently under negotiation or awaiting ratification.

Export Development Programs

Successful exporters know expanding into offshore markets can bring significant rewards. They also know success takes time, energy, commitment and money.

See this list of important tips to help you get started or grow your export business.

The Export Assistance Grant program provides grants to eligible businesses to help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires and drought on their international markets.

Reimbursement of 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $10,000 per eligible business is available for current or previously exporting businesses enabling access to new or re-entering previous markets.

Funding is available for export marketing and development activities, such as market research, participation in international tradeshows and trade missions, inbound business support, e-commerce development and marketing materials.

Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Have an ABN registered in NSW and be registered for GST as at 1 August 2019
  • Currently exporting or exporting prior to the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires and/or drought
  • Be able to provide evidence of a minimum of three full-time equivalent employees (3 FTE) at the time of application
  • Own the goods/services to be exported or be able to provide documented evidence that you are the agreed export supplier
  • Produce the goods/services to be exported in NSW, or be able to provide documented evidence that the business provides substantial value to NSW
  • Be able to provide tax invoices and receipts for the eligible activities being claimed

Eligible activities

Funding will centre on export marketing and development activities, such as market research, participation in international tradeshows and trade missions, inbound business support, e-commerce development, website internationalisation and marketing materials.

Activities eligible for funding are

  • Marketing materials: design, trademark, copyrighting and printing costs for business cards, brochures, product sheets, presentations, banners and signage specifically for overseas markets. Costs associated with the production of corporate videos and online presentations for international markets. Overseas social media marketing, where it can be demonstrated this was used to market internationally. Translation costs for the above for non-English speaking markets.
  • Website Internationalisation: Expenses for an independent contractor to identify and make changes to prepare your website for international markets, such as language translations, products and expertise details.
  • Pivoting to online delivery: Costs associated with converting face-to-face training content to online delivery including design, development, production and accreditation of online content for international audiences.
  • E-commerce development: Costs of working with a third-party to develop and implement an international e-commerce platform.
  • Market research: Costs of working with a third party (such as Austrade or verified international consultant) to conduct market research into opportunities and barriers in targeted overseas markets and facilitation of business matching with overseas partners/buyers. (travel, accommodation and per-diem expenses for a third party are not eligible).
  • International tradeshows and trade missions: Includes cost of hiring exhibition space for an international trade show, entry and project management fees, and costs associated with participating in trade shows, trade missions and business programs including eligible international trade shows held in Australia. This could include online tradeshows or face-to-face when available.
  • Inbound business support: Costs of hosting incoming buyers in NSW such as hiring local facilities, economy domestic travel and standard accommodation for no more than two approved inbound buyers. (Food and beverage costs are not eligible).
  • Costs to support localisation of products for export, such as new packaging.
  • Costs to protect business in international markets including insurance and IP protection.

Applications for the grant can be made here.

Investment NSW is offering educational resources, training, and expert advice for NSW businesses to build capabilities and confidence that accelerate export growth via e-commerce.

Business support modules include an e-Commerce Strategy development workshop series; e-Commerce Market Entry How-to Guides and Webinars.

Further information available here.

NSW maintains deep relationships and trading links around the world. Through our global network we showcase the state’s expertise, innovation and industry, promoting trade and investment, and positioning Sydney and NSW as Australia’s international centre of excellence.

Under Global NSW, the Government will grow its presence across the globe to provide even greater support for business, forging connections with government, industry and communities.

Explore offshore markets

How we help

Global NSW can help exporters of any maturity and provide coaching and advice on market opportunities

  • planning for export
  • market entry strategies
  • identifying new markets
  • exploring product's market potential
  • distribution channels and regulatory requirements
  • finding overseas business partners
  • successfully completing export transactions
  • other related export issues

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