Advanced opportunities

Advanced manufacturers choose New South Wales for its educated workforce and excellent infrastructure, supporting high-value, high-skill production. NSW offers capability across high-tech design and development, innovative research, product customisation, client support and repair. About half of total NSW manufacturing exports are advanced manufactured goods, with strengths in food and aerospace, medical technology, food and beverage. NSW produces almost one-third of Australia’s total manufacturing output, generating around $32 billion in industry value. They directly employ around 253,000 people, almost a third of all jobs in the sector nationwide.

Focus on innovation

As manufacturing continues its rapid transformation across the industrialised world, NSW companies are maintaining their focus on R&D, pursuing high-value, high-skill opportunities. Over the next five years automation will affect one in five manufacturing jobs in NSW as record public spending on healthcare, infrastructure and space supports innovation in the state’s strongest industry segments, food and beverage medical technology and space.


NSW is at the centre of Australia’s world-leading medical technology sector with 37% of the nation’s Medtech companies. The sector employs around 7,000 people, generating around $4.8 billion per year. NSW manufacturers have a reputation as trusted suppliers of high-quality products, valued for high standards of reliability and safety.

Food and Beverage

NSW manufactures a diverse range of food and beverage products, sought after globally for their excellent taste, nutritional value and safety.

The industry thrives thanks to high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, a skilled workforce and its commitment to innovation, with exports worth around $5.3 billion annually.

Around 49,000 people are employed across 4,175individual businesses.


NSW is the powerhouse of Australia’s expanding space industry, generating more than half its annual revenue. The State is home to around 230 businesses and organisations with space-based capabilities, including a lively startup scene. They employ thousands of skilled workers and export goods and services valued at around $120 million per year. Across the state 38 organisations participate space-related research and development, including 26 university departments. NSW is positioned to build these strengths and leverage growth in the space market, forecast to reach US$1 trillion globally by 2040.

Advanced Manufacturing and the Westmead Health and Innovation District

The NSW Government is accelerating development at what is already one of Australia’s largest health and research zones, establishing Westmead Health and Innovation District as a global centre for new discoveries, commercialisation, treatment, education, and training.

How we help

Global NSW is here to support the development of services and technology, facilitating investment and coordinating State industry assistance programs. Global NSW can help you establish or expand by providing:

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  • support for business case development
  • identification of suitable investment locations and partners in NSW
  • facilitation of familiarisation visits to NSW
  • advice on NSW government programs and approval processes
  • connections with government contacts and the local business network

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